• Client Portal

    Directions to access documents that need to be completed in your client portal.

    1. Access Portal: https://fosteringminds.clientsecure.me
    2. Enter the email address you have on file with us.
    3. Click “Email me the Link”
    4. Access your email as you typically would.
    5. You should have an email from Fostering Minds with the Subject line: Sign in to your client portal
    6. Open the email and click the green “sign in” button
    7. If you have more than one profile choose the profile that has the missing documents.
    8. At the top left there is a menu with Appointments, Documents and Billing & Payments.
    9. Click Documents (if you are using a mobile device it should open into the Documents tab, if not use the menu on the top right corner to access the documents tab)
    10. You will see a “Needs to be completed” section and a “Completed” session.
    11. Please complete all items in the “Needs to be Completed” section.

    Client Portal